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  1. Ken says:

    Hello Ann: You have lots of good info here. This is a new topic for me, so I have a very basic question. What is the difference between a house cat, stray, and feral? How would I tell if the cat that visits my back porch is just the neighbor’s pet? BTW, my indoor cat George stands guard at the window and gets very agitated if another cat strolls by!


  2. Hi Ken,
    Excellent question. You just gave me an idea for a blog post. I will write a post soon on the difference between house cat, stray and feral cats. As for George getting agitated with the neighborhood cats, this is very normal. Cats are extremely territorial. Even though George may not go outside, he considers your entire home and property to be his territory. When other cats come around,it ruffles his feathers. He needs to go into protect mode. Usually as long as the cat moves along, nothing will come of it. Yet, if the outdoor cat is spraying or marking George’s territory there could be trouble. Some cats will take out their aggression on their humans. This is referred to as redirected aggression. George cannot take out his frustration on the outside cat so you takes it out on humans or other animals in the home.

    Be looking soon for a blog post on your other question! Thanks for the questions.


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