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Different Types of Traps for TNR

I wanted to do a post on specific traps and the pros and cons of each. I have used 3 different traps throughout the years. The first trap I used was a Tomahawk Live Trap. It was designed for the … Continue reading

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Ups and Downs

Each year is always filled with ups and downs. I have certainly had my share of ups and downs with the feral cats throughout the years. The daily joys are certainly an “up” while the more difficult moments of losing … Continue reading

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Wildlife in My Backyard

I decided today to share some of the wildlife adventures from my backyard. I live in the middle of suburbia. You would not think that I have so much wildlife that frequents my yard. Yet I am an animal lover … Continue reading

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I wanted to write an update on Cisco. You can read about him in the section My Ferals. Since Christmas, I can count on one hand the number of times I have actually seen Cisco. He was gone for nearly … Continue reading

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Keeping Them Safe

One of the most challenging aspects of caring for feral/stray cats is keeping them safe. Almost all of the cats actions are out of my control. Depending on where you live, the dangers can be health related, human related, predator … Continue reading

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I had been thinking about my next blog post and had many ideas, but this one seemed important to write today. An acquaintance of mine is mourning the passing of her precious feral cat. She is devastated and grieving. One … Continue reading

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Stellar the Magical Kitty

If you would like to know the story of Stellar, you can read about him in my section under My Ferals. Stellar has been with me now for almost 2 years, yet it seems like he has been here forever. … Continue reading

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