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Winding Down April

This year April has been a very busy month with all of the animals.  The weather has had its ups and downs, Cisco was spotted, a new cat was spotted, my inside boys were very sick, Mighty the squirrel returned, … Continue reading

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The Return of Mighty the Squirrel

I had been very worried about Mighty.  I had not seen him since March 19.  At his last visit, he was starting to use his front leg and his fur regrowth was almost complete.  After I didn’t see him for … Continue reading

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There’s Something About April

Last April brought the return of Hampton, the presence of Sadie and even Cisco returned for a brief visit.  It was certainly a busy month.  This April has also brought the return of Cisco again.  He has been coming late … Continue reading

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Bone Broth Revisited

Last year when I was caring for Sadie, I made quite a few batches of bone broth for her. It was one of the few things she would eat and it always perked her up.  I continued making bone broth … Continue reading

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